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Degrees of Lewdity is a scandalous guessing game that can be play solo or with friends. By rolling a dice and choosing right card, players can unlock a story of sexy proportions. More you reveal, more likely you are to unlock even more explicit content. Video game for adults made for 3-6 players. It is set in a school where goal is to seduce one of other players on opposite team. Software is made up of three rounds and in each round, players take turns. Gameplay Degrees of Lewdity game consists of players trying to seduce other players on opponent team, in third round, players can try to get target to commit a Lewdity. Winner of soft is one who has collected most Lewdity cards, which are cards that players can use to get other players to reveal their Lewdity cards. Degrees of Lewdity dowload is a turn-based strategy game where you must fight against a group of four enemy girls. Goal of softe is to defeat four girls and rape them. Program has a simple interface with a grid of 16 squares. There are four options for player: Fight, Defend, Attack and Item. Software does not have any graphics, it uses only ASCII symbols.


Graphics in app are adequate. Images are functional and design is decent. There are cards that are dealt to players and target in third round, cards are made up of images that represent different degrees of Lewdity PC. There's nothing graphic about graphics. Software plays out on a plain background and all that's visible is text. Graphics of soft are simple. The interface is simple, graphics are not very good, but they are easy to see. Penis, vagina are both very simple, easy to see. Backgrounds are simple and not very detailed.


Software Degrees of Lewdity Windows download is a guessing game where you attempt to reveal correct card without flipping over wrong ones. All players roll a die, person who comes up with number that matches card on table is one who selects next card to be revealed. Software can be played solo or with friends, but it's best with a group of people. Gameplay is very simplistic. You have a list of questions and statements that you can ask your opponent. You can then choose to either “rude”, “lewd”, or “kinky”. Your opponent then answers, you are given points depending on their answer. There are cards that you can use to affect your opponent. In Degrees of Lewdity play game, players create an adult character, who is their protagonist. Protagonist is able to have relationships with other characters, have sex, and perform other naughty things. Adult characters in soft are not able to die or become pregnant.


Both modes are equally enjoyable. However, download Degrees of Lewdity sometimes gameplay can get a little boring when there's only one person playing. Despite simplicity of soft, there are multiple paths and endings, so it can be fun to play through application twice and see different outcomes.


This game is so much fun to play Degrees of Lewdity with a group of people. It's a game that'll never get old, you can keep on playing it over and over again. Software is replayable because of its unique storyline, different paths it can lead you to. It is also replayable because gameplay is fun, choices are easy to make.


  1. What is free Degrees of Lewdity game about?
    Is a puzzle game, You are given a task, and you must find the appropriate items to complete the task.
  2. What are the controls?
    The controls are as follows:
    • Arrow Keys to move
    • Space Bar to interact
  3. What is the goal of the game?
    Goal of soft is to complete all of the tasks as quickly as possible.


Overall, In Degrees of Lewdity game online, you play as a young man who is trying to please five different girls in his neighbourhood. You must collect different items and complete tasks in order to progress to next girl. Software is a mix of point and click and visual novel and is played from a top-down perspective. Product is a parody of popular video game series The Sims. In game, players create a character, which is an adult, main goal of soft is to make character happy. However, players can also make character meet other characters, have sex, and other naughty things. Product is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

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